Prop Logic

Skill-toy-inspired XR interfaces for vSports and movement artists.


Forging a future of prop-based interfaces for Cyberflow applications

Gaming & Health

Play immersive games that blur the line between athletics and eSports (vSports). Wield traditional skill toys augmented with virtual physics to play sports that break the boundary between reality and VR.


Produce live or recorded audiovisual collaborations through an open source API. Send every detail of your flow to industry VJ software and Digital Audio Workstations. Play your props as a musical instrument.


Virtually limitless trail effects that can dynamically respond to your style of movement through a gestural interface. Use full 3D recording and playback features to let you reflect on your artistry in new ways.


True Smart-Props that can sense your moves and provide meaningful feedback. Improve your technique with engaging activities designed to hone your skills through gamification.

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