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There are so many ways to gamify. Especially when you have something like movement, dance, and prop manipulation.

The sky is the limit.
So what would you like to see? Get in contact with us HERE.

So far, we have these ideas in mind:

Versus Modes –
Get together with your friends and battle! Who has the reflexes and coordination to prosper in a battle of energy beams, shields, and teleportation?

1-Player Story Mode –
Battle automata in this ever-increasing in difficulty defense game. As you’re bombarded with attacks from flying enemies, only your flow will keep you alive and empower you to battle to take down the (non-sentient) enemy!

Elaborate Training Modes –
One of the original roots of Prop Logic Studio, these modes will give the prop manipulator an edge in their training. With VR’s unique biofeedback, using these modes to train your coordination and timing will take your poi spinning, staff spinning, and more to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

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