Who We Are

An innovative team of dreamers, thinkers, and movers pushing the boundaries of VR.

Charlie Cushing

Managing Director | Gestures | Hardware

Favorite game: Deus Ex
Primary props: Oxbow Meteor, Poi

Ryan Walker

Technology Director | Software Architect

Favorite game: Beatsaber
Primary props: Staff, Poi

Justin Warren

Gameplay & Mechanics

Favorite games: Smash Melee, Chess
Primary props: Poi, Clubs

Sean Manton

Programming & Architecture

Favorite game: Witcher 3
Primary props: Dragonstaff

We Are Proplogic

Skill toys are a timeless tradition reaching into Martial Arts, Flow Arts, Sports, and Juggling. Their potential for gamification and entertainment with modern digital technoloties is boundless.

XR technology has opened countless doors for skill toys in games, communities, and art.

That’s where we come in – bringing the Flow Arts to Virtual, Mixed, and Augmented Reality.


Many people contribute as our project continues to evolve.
We'd like to give thanks to the following folks for their help on the project <3

Patrick Cahill
Alex Coloumbe
Adam Dipert
Nicky Evers
Annie Guest
Teddy Petrosky
Willow Solow

About the System

What does our software do?
What do I need to run it?
How do I get this?
Where can I try?

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Whether you have a fun idea to share or you are a skilled Unity programmer and are excited about this project, we’d love to here from you. Learn more about what we’re looking for…


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