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Prop Logic Studio is an indie developer team committed to the future of Cyberflow in VR, AR, and MR.
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Some footage of the VR juggling and Dragon Staff prototypes made by LanternSmith!

We have some neat ideas in the works for gamifying staves, while the clubs will likely find use in performance venues.
Prop Logic
Some early progress from several months back - testing VR dragonstaff and juggling club solutions prototyped over at LanternSmith LLC. They're working well a...
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Prop Logic updated their status.4 years ago
Prop Logic
Prop Logic updated their status.4 years ago
Prop Logic
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We've made a mailing list form for those wanting up to date information on the project, and to those who want to be part of our alpha and beta testing teams! Here is the link
But you can also find it on
Prop Logic
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Here is a glimpse of our custom engineered Voxel Clubs for use on the Prop Logic platform by LanternSmith. This is the first juggling club designed from the ground up for use in VR!

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Finishing up this custom machined aluminum scratch-build case for my on-the-go needs.
The thing is tiny.
Just need to sandblast and nickel-plate it.

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Unity's Addressables system is absolutely incredible. @ArcSineVR used to build out to 2.5GB on disk, and used over 2GB RAM at runtime. After Addressables: 188MB on disk. 400MB RAM!

Oh and the build time dropped from 55mins to less than 1.

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I've always wanted to do this with two separate D&D campaigns that merge at the end; both fellowships have to battle each other in an epic final encounter.