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Prop Logic is an indie collaboration. If you have experience and are seriously interested in joining the team, let us know!


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Unity Network Coder

Custom netcode for XR multiplayer over WAN and LAN.
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What We're Looking For

01. Experience with netcode in C# Unity.

02. Experience with state synchronization and delta compression.

03. Remote team collaboration.

Shader & Particle Systems

Dynamic motion-trail and energy effects

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What We're Looking For

01. A background in HLSL and Unity ShaderGraph.

02. Stereo XR shader integration and optimization.

03. Experience stylistic procedural shader & particle effects.

04. Remote team collaboration.

Concept & Texture Art

Fantasy world building and skinning.
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What We're Looking For

01. Stylized low-poly "zenpunk" and sci-fi fantasy genres.

02. Remote team collaboration.

Sound Designer

Sci-fi spatial audio effects for interactive applications in XR.
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What We're Looking For

01. Binaural/Spatial audio engineering.

02. Procedural audio.

03. Remote team collaboration.